How To Increase Your Energy, Focus And Productivity With Mindi Huebner

I’m thrilled to have Mindi Huebner back on The Debra Shepherd Podcast to talk about how you can increase your energy, focus and productivity.

Mindi coaches established female entrepreneurs to create massive change and unlock their magic through small shifts in their thoughts, beliefs and habits so they can experience next level income growth.

Mindi is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, a certified Health, Life and Success Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been an entrepreneur for over 24 years.  

Mindi knows Unlocking Your Magic is the key to creating an extraordinary business and life. Being the champion, you deserve is what sets her heart on fire. She is an author, speaker, coach, mentor and difference maker.  

When Mindi’s not listening to a podcast or out for a run, you’ll find her meditating and planning her next trip to the beach! 

How To Increase Your Energy, Focus And Productivity With Mindi Huebner

You’ll Learn

  • What productivity is and what productivity isn’t.
  • How to close loops in life, business and relationships and why this is essential for increasing your energy, focus and productivity.
  • The relationship between identity and productivity.
  • The beauty in finishing well.
  • The impact perfectionism has on energy, focus, productivity, simplicity and joy.
  • How a gratitude practice can improve your productivity.

And, more.

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