Wellbeing, Relationships And Celebrating The Queendom Within With Heidi Hauer

Heidi Hauer is a Health and Life Coach who specialises in helping women within high-pressure, demanding careers to harness the power of nutrition and self-awareness, so they can look, feel, and perform at their best. Heidi follows a truly holistic approach to self-improvement. Using nutrition as the foundation for creating a deeply healthy glow, inside and out.

Heidi guides her clients to bringing consciousness to significant aspects of their life such as their career, relationships, lifestyle, and spirituality. In this way, she facilitates a depth of wellness that draws upon happiness and fulfilment as much as physical health and beauty. 

Heidi hosts The Heidi Hauer Podcast. She is a blogger, speaker and author of ‘The Queendom Within – rewrite your fairy tale and create your own happily ever after’

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, Heidi shares her story. We talk about wellbeing, relationships and we are celebrating The Queendom Within.

Wellbeing Relationships And Celebrating The Queendom Within With Heidi Hauer

You’ll Learn

  • What prompted Heidi to connect with her purpose on a deeper level.
  • Why TRUE health and wellbeing is holistic.
  • How we all have the ability and the responsibility to create the life of our dreams.
  • Why Heidi believes the foundation of wellbeing is self-love.
  • How our thoughts impact our physical being down to the cellular level.
  • Why being aware of your state during the day is essential for productivity, impact and success.
  • How time is not something you have; it is something you make.
  • The connection between self-care, self-love and self-worth.
  • Why Heidi wrote, The Queendom Within and how her new book can support you on your journey to finding love, peace, happiness and fulfilment.

And, more.

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