Connecting People With Spices In An Enriching Culinary Adventure With Liz Edgecombe

Liz Edgecombe is a Victoria-based entrepreneur passionate about bringing tastes of the world to her fellow Aussies, and inspiring other women business owners along the way. A self-proclaimed “spice evangelist,” Liz started her business The Spice People in 1997 and has since grown it from humble side hustle to a successful business employing 10 people (and growing). Their range of over 200 spices elevates the ordinary to extraordinary, offering an enriching culinary journey connecting people, culture, and cuisines. Thanks to a wealth of knowledge, a successful business, and frequent appearances on the popular Channel Ten cooking show, My Market Kitchen, Liz is regarded today as one of Australia’s most highly-esteemed experts and go-to gurus when it comes to spices.

Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? Do you love food? On this episode of The Debra Shepherd, Liz Edgecombe shares her story. We talk about travel, food, spices and how we are united by food.

Connecting People With Spices In An Enriching Culinary Adventure With Founder of The Spice People, Liz Edgecombe


  • The power of keeping things simple and building your business slowly.
  • The importance of asking for help from your family and having a strong support network as an entrepreneur.
  • Combining a love of travel with a passion for enriching people’s lives through spices and culinary experiences.
  • Identifying extraordinary spice blends and recreating them for the Australian market.
  • How memorable travel and food experiences bring people together.
  • Destination dining and how spices can connect us to the world.
  • Three tips for getting started on your spice journey.
  • The biggest myth about spices.
  • The art of seasoning food.
  • How Liz supports female entrepreneurs in third world countries.

All this, and more.

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