Stress, Trauma and Resilience With Rhonda Berlino

For over 25 years, Rhonda Berlino worked in high pressure, high stress environments. Working with Real Estate professionals, as a Sales Executive at a Fortune 250 Company, as a coach specialising in business development, professional development, and lead generation. She worked with countless brokers and agents to help them increase profits, bring in new leads, close bigger deals. She created and often taught customised certified CEU classes to keep their people compliant. She worked long hours, travelled constantly, and ignored the signs that her body was giving her. As a driven, talented professional who was all in, she pushed through and kept pushing through with the confidence and energy of someone who knew that she could handle whatever was thrown at her.

Until she couldn’t. She found herself in the emergency room.

Simply put, Rhonda had collapsed both physically and emotionally. The constant stress, the high stakes, the never-ending workload left her with Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, and Epstein Barr virus. Depleted, exhausted, but unbroken, she began the process of healing and determining what was really important.

Now, as a Performance Strategist and as the Founder of Undeniable Impact Coaching, she helps entrepreneurs thrive in the same way that she thrives and teaches high achievers how they really can have it all – more professional success, more joy, more physical/mental/emotional stamina and a life in line with their values – as long as they know what “it all” looks like for them.

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, Rhonda shares her story. We talk about stress, trauma and resilience.

Stress, Trauma and Resilience With Rhonda Berlino


  • The stress response and how when you have experienced a certain amount of trauma early on in life it changes the way you respond to stress.
  • When you’re disconnected from your body and using it as a tool you have no choice but to listen.
  • Coping with a change in your identity when you are forced to stop.
  • The importance of brain health.
  • How the fight or flight response is the protector of your body.
  • How stress can create stress fractures.
  • Burnout isn’t only about doing too much it is also about doing too much of the things that don’t light you up or energise you.
  • How Rhonda realised that being so busy every single moment of every day was a trauma response.
  • Stress management and the effect toxic stress can have on children.
  • The power of purpose.
  • What it is like living from the inside out.

All this, and more.

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