Setting Healthy Boundaries And Saying No With Talya Rabinovitz

Talya Rabinovitz is a Clinical Psychologist who helps hard-working, people-pleasing women remove stress and overwhelm at work.

In addition to running a book-out private practice in Sydney, Talya has consulted on projects for brands including Coke, Breville, Uncle Toby’s, Pernod Ricard, and Lion.

Experienced in both group therapy and coaching, Talya has designed and delivered programs and workshops in the public, private and corporate sectors.

Talya is known for her capacity to simplify complex psychological research into easy, practical tools (with the odd Beyonce metaphor), that help women hold strong boundaries, regulate their nervous systems, and overcome imposter syndrome at work. 

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, Talya talks about how to set healthy boundaries and saying no. She discusses the research, the central nervous system, the Unicorn Brain.

Setting Healthy Boundaries And Saying No With Talya Rabinovitz | The Debra Shepherd Podcast


  • Healthy boundaries are about care and protection.
  • A 3-step process for setting healthy boundaries and preserving them.
  • To create success (by any measure), we must be in the part of the nervous system called social engagement mode or the Unicorn Brain.
  • Why everything is easier when you are in your Unicorn Brain and how to stay most regulated in your Unicorn Brain.
  • Mapping your nervous system.
  • Why saying no can be challenging.
  • How to say no in a kind and respectful way and trust that.
  • Boundary setting using The 1-5 Boundary Scale.
  • Tips for creating better personal and work boundaries for ourselves during lockdown and the pandemic.

All this, and more.

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