Feng Shui By Design With Jane Langof

Jane Langof is a Feng Shui Master and the founder of Feng Shui Concepts combining principles of great design with traditional Feng Shui to create positive energy and success.  

Jane’s mission is to create beautiful places that inspire you to achieve your goals.  

Jane specialises in Feng Shui design projects for residential and commercial projects in Sydney, Australia and internationally. She has a practical approach to Feng Shui and works seamlessly with design professionals and project teams to ensure that your property achieves its full potential.  

Jane enjoys sharing her knowledge through media and speaking engagements, participating in conferences and events for international experts in the Feng Shui industry. Jane has appeared on television, radio and provides commentary in newspaper and magazine articles. 

Jane is a member of professional associations including the International Feng Shui Association and Association of Feng Shui Consultants. Jane is an internationally accredited Feng Shui Master, a member of the Design Institute of Australia and Master Builders Association in Australia. 

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, Jane shares her story. We talk about what Feng Shui is, the benefits and how it can be used in your home and commercial premises for success.

Feng Shui By Design With Jane Langof | The Debra Shepherd Podcast


  • Feng Shui is about the relationship you have with your environment and your surroundings. It is the art of designing spaces with the right energy flow and setting up your environment for success.
  • Jane talks about the relationship between Feng Shui, wellbeing, psychology, relationships and prosperity.
  • Determining the quality of energy in a home or building involves analysing the precise orientation of the property, the layout, when the property was built and if there have been extensive renovations. 
  • The impact of colour.
  • Engaging a Feng Shui Master during the purchase of a residential or commercial property, during the concept stage of a building project or before starting a renovation. 
  • How Feng Shui can be in commercial premises to improve the energy flow for occupants, communication, wealth and property value.
  • The number one thing you can do in your office or workspace is to bring more stillness and clarity into a space.
  • You don’t need to decorate your home with Feng Shui objects to have good Feng Shui. Feng Shui done well should be consistent with the principles of great design.
  • Why taking a DIY approach can have a negative impact.

Plus, more!

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