Why Being Busy Is Not Serving You

Let’s chat about our addiction to being busy!

As an entrepreneur and throughout my career in communications, PR and social media I’ve seen and experienced myself the high levels of stress, overwhelm, and burnout felt amongst women leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners.

You can be passionate about what you do and have a successful life and business and at the same time working way too much, pushing through and over-committing yourself. Rushing from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, saying yes to everything, doing it all and feeling stressed, burnout and unfulfilled.

It’s easy to fill every single moment of your day with busyness when you’re not intentional about what you are creating for yourself. You can end up living reactively rather than proactively. Doing all the things, filling your time with busyness, wasting your energy and as a result, ending up further away from the vision you want to create for yourself.

Setting intentions

Today I invite you to spend time setting an intention for your day? Not a long list of things to do, an intention. How do you want to show up during the day? How do you want to feel? Who are you going to be today?

Make this part of your morning routine before you jump into your emails on your phone, hop onto Instagram or sit down at your desk. Do this as soon as you wake up in the morning and see what unfolds.

Let’s stop being busy. Let’s stop hustling, chasing it all, pushing through and trying to control everything and start taking time to reconnect, to create space and to be more intentional about how we create our life and business.

What is your intention for today?

Setting an intention creates positive change. I set intentions because they keep me focused, bring greater clarity and guide me when I’m making decisions. They also help me determine where to spend my time and energy. I talked about this in episode 25 on The Debra Shepherd Podcast and we also looked at what is commonly overlooked during this process.

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