celebrating success

Celebrating Your Success

January 2020. The start of a new year is a great time to look at what you’d like to create and to reflect on the previous year. It’s a time to focus on celebrating your success and to show gratitude for all you’ve experienced. This includes the highs, lows, struggles, lessons and everything between.  

Celebrating your success is a powerful exercise to do every day not only at the start of the year. Look, I understand that as the days go by and the year gets busier it can be a struggle to create time every day to celebrate but the thing is if you don’t create the time it won’t appear for you. You must intentionally create the space yourself.  

I’m not suggesting you take large chunks of time out of your day or week to celebrate. What I’m suggesting is you create time every day to appreciate and celebrate what you’ve accomplished. It can take as little as five minutes and it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

It could be a:   

  • Five-minute celebratory dance in the office or lounge room    
  • A coffee at your favourite cafe    
  • Watching an afternoon movie    
  • Spending time in nature reading a book 
  • Taking yourself out to lunch   
  • Enjoying your favourite organic dark chocolate    
  • Or, writing in your journal about your goals in a beautiful space with a pot of your favourite tea.    

Focus on what makes you happy, what brings you joy and what makes you feel good.    

This year, I invite you to intentionally create time to celebrate your success no matter how big or small. And, to reflect on the projects, events, promotions or launches that didn’t go as planned because they will have a series of lessons for you. Give them the attention, time and nurturing they deserve because it’s in this space of reflection and celebration, that you can experience aha moments and beautiful realisations that will lead to your growth.  

Ashley Crouch wrote an interesting piece in Forbes about the link between celebration, burnout and success where she shares seven techniques to implement more celebration into your business and your life. You can read her article, Want to Avoid Burnout And Achieve Greater Success? Celebrate More, here.  

Make celebrating your success as part of your daily routine. Practice gratitude every day and celebrate every moment because it’s in the moments in-between where the magic unfolds.

What are you working toward this year? And how will you celebrate? 

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