Doing less

Create a bigger impact by doing less

When I talk to people about doing less, many immediately think it’s about stopping everything, putting your feet up and doing nothing. If you want to contribute, participate, create, learn and grow in life, it’s not realistic. 

Doing less is a daily practice and it’s different for everyone it may include:

  • Stopping certain things that aren’t necessary or important 
  • Approaching things differently in your business and life
  • Managing your time in a new way so you can be more productive
  • Looking at how you manage your energy
  • Delegating and outsourcing tasks

This is a start, however, I believe there’s more.

Doing less is about simplifying things, making life easier for yourself so you can create your life on your terms and do more of what you love. At the heart of it all, I believe it’s about slowing down and creating space for yourself, redefining what’s important to you and from there intentionally create a values-driven life that serves you and allows you to be at your best.

When you’re at your best you can make a bigger impact in your life, in your business and to the lives of others.

We live in a society where it’s so easy to do more, hustle more, work harder and work longer. We get caught up in the busyness of life. We can find ourselves spending our days rushing and doing things for everyone else. When life is like this you can struggle to find time for yourself. Time to simply be. 

Life can be chaotic and hectic and I truly believe it’s about navigating life in a new way, in a way that’s supportive so that when life happens you can move through these times feeling calmer and more at peace. It doesn’t matter how busy you are we can all create space for ourselves even if it’s one or two minutes a day to reconnect and breath. To get in touch with what’s going on inside us.

When you have this space you will be more aware, mindful and present and this has a ripple effect across all areas of your life. Giving yourself the gift of slowing down and creating space is one of the most beautiful things you can do. It’s the moments in between where you can create magic.

You don’t have to do it all. And, you don’t have to do it all at once.

How can you simplify your day and make it a little easier so you have time and space to breath and reconnect? 

Debra Shepherd is a Mentor and Host of The Debra Shepherd Podcast. Debra teaches high achieving women how to get organised, improve productivity, reduce stress and be more intentional about how they live their life, so they can be at their best and thrive. Opportunities are currently available to work with Debra 1:1. To book an Alignment Strategy session, click here or to explore Private Mentoring, click here.