How To Boost Your Creativity

We are all creative, we create every day at home, at work and in our businesses. We are creating all the time. You can’t force creativity. It comes from within and the more you try and force it, the more you push it away. Have you ever had writer’s block? Staring at a blank computer screen, watching the cursor, hoping if you sit there longer, the words will flow? They rarely do.

Here are a few things you can do to boost your creativity and to move through these times with more ease.

Be aware

Bring awareness to the fact you won’t be in this state forever. This is important because you can put a lot of pressure on yourself, to get the work done, to try harder, to push more or to sit at your computer for longer until creativity flows. Awareness is the first step.

Take a step back

Take a step back, to create time for yourself, to think, to brainstorm, to give yourself some space. Taking a step back during the day and creating space for yourself even if it’s five-minutes can have a big impact.

Move Your Body

I can’t tell you the number of times creative ideas, inspiration and solutions to problems have come to me while I’ve been training at the gym or outside walking. As soon as the ideas come, I put them in a note on my phone and come back to them later. 


After meditating I’m more aligned. I have more energy and I’m more creative. This is another time when I find inspiration flows and creative solutions arise. Meditation is powerful.

Go Outside

Being in the fresh air, connected to nature will help boost your creative process. Go outside for a walk, sit down in your local park, put your feet on the grass, head to the beach. There are so many things you can do. Being outside even for five minutes will support you.

Move To Another Space

Change your environment and work from a different space. Work from a café or a different office. If you’re working from home, as many of us are now, work from a different room in your home or sit on the balcony and work. Changing your environment will serve you. 

There are so many things you can do to help boost the creative process. 

So rather than sitting at the computer for longer trying to make the words flow onto the page, take a step back. Walk away from your desk and create time and space for yourself. 

I hope these ideas inspire, empower and support you. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you boost your creativity?

Debra Shepherd is a Mentor and Lifestyle Strategist passionate about teaching women leaders and entrepreneurs how to simplify and structure their life so they can have more, ease, joy, meaning and impact in their life and business. Book a Radiance Call to find out how Debra can help you create a beautiful foundation from which to run your life and business. Say goodbye to the stress, busyness, frustration and constant rushing so you can be at your best. Click here to schedule your free Radiance Call now.