Your Top 5 Podcast Episodes For 2020

While 2020 has been a very challenging and difficult year, it has also been a year that’s allowed us to slow down, reflect, be grateful and to approach our lives in a new way. ​One thing I’m grateful for is The Debra Shepherd Podcast. Having the opportunity to inspire, empower and support you in creating more ease, joy and meaning in your life and business means the world to me. 

It’s been such an honour to bring you this podcast every week and to share the extraordinary stories, wisdom and guidance from experts around the globe. We’ve covered a beautiful range of topics from online marketing, leadership, small business and customer service to gut health, sleep, relationships, money and using your intuition.

The Most Popular Episodes For 2020

A Revolutionary Approach To Finding Love And Deepening Relationships with Emily Bucknell

Money, Success And Living An Abundant Life With Polly Alexandre

Moving Well, Eating Well And Thinking Well With Krystle Alves

Small Business, Western Sydney and Meaningful Leadership With Amanda Rose

How To Pivot Your Way To Even Greater Success With Amanda Owen

I invite you to tune in over the holidays and be sure to subscribe, so you stay up to date with the latest episodes and leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. Let me know what you enjoy the most about this podcast and how it inspires, empowers and supports you. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m creating space over the next two weeks to spend time with family and to get ready for 2021. I’ll be back with new episodes of The Debra Shepherd Podcast starting 7 January. I can’t wait to share these with you! 

Thank you for being part of this community. Enjoy the festive season with your family and loved ones. Stay safe and may your year ahead be filled with ease, joy, meaning, impact and success. Happy Holidays!