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Declutter Your Life: 10 Reasons To Declutter

When someone says declutter your life what do you immediately think about?   

Perhaps tidying your office because you haven’t seen your desk for a very long time? Or maybe your linen cupboard is filled with so many things that everything falls out each time you open the door. Is your laptop frustrating you because you can never find where you’ve saved your files? Or do you have an overflowing calendar where every single second is scheduled?

Living like this can be stressful and overwhelming. Think about the time wasted trying to find a file on a messy desk or a dress hidden in the depths of a wardrobe. This is time that you could use to spend doing something for yourself (self-care), your family or for your business.

Getting more organised and letting go of what isn’t serving you will free up more of your time, allow you to relax and experience more ease and joy. Declutter your life and you can have:   

  • Less stress
  • More clarity    
  • More confidence      
  • More creativity     
  • More organisation  
  • More productivity    
  • More time
  • More energy
  • More gratitude because you’ll be aware and present with what’s most important to you.  
  • Hidden treasures. An old family photo album, a book from your childhood, or a pair of shoes you’ve never worn. 

Make a commitment

Before you start to declutter think about the vision you want to create for your life and make a commitment to yourself. Make decluttering a priority because it will support you on your path to realising your dream life.  

Start with what you can  

If your office needs work focus on one task first. Perhaps it’s a pile of papers on your desk or tidying a bookcase. Or creating a filing system for your emails. You don’t have to do the entire office in one go. Break the task down into smaller, simpler tasks. Start small. Download your Declutter Checklist here.

Decluttering your schedule? Start by saying no to things that don’t support you and the vision you have for your life. You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have it do it all at once or in the same way others do. You can decide.

The key is to start with what you can to help minimise overwhelm. You’ll feel accomplished and good about yourself by completing a small amount every day and you may find that you reach your goals a lot sooner. Doesn’t this sound better than sitting in overwhelm, frustration and procrastination?

Schedule it

The process of decluttering may sound tedious and boring and feel like a big mountain to climb especially if you have a few areas that you’d like to address. With this in mind, create a schedule. For example, you can allocate 1 hour from 4 pm to 5 pm every day where you’ll focus on decluttering. Write down the specific tasks you will complete in this time period and then set an alarm. When the alarm goes off at 5 pm (your end time). Finish what you’re doing and return to your normal routine. Then you can start again tomorrow. Commit to your schedule and your vision and you’ll be happy with the progress and results you achieve. Download your Declutter Checklist here.

Creating lasting change  

Decluttering your life goes way beyond the material things, it’s only part of the process if you want to create positive, lasting change in your life. It’s important to look at the whole situation and get curious about the underlying cause. Why is your office in chaos? How did your home get so disorganised? And, it’s not because you’re busy, because you didn’t feel like it or that you didn’t have enough time. These are excuses. What’s really going on for you? What’s holding you back?  

If you simply play on the surface and only focus on the material things, you’ll find that the situation will keep coming up for you in different ways.

Taking the time to go inward will allow you to start seeing what’s really driving this situation and then you can focus on creating lasting change and moving towards that big vision you’re excited about.

Debra Shepherd is a Mentor and Lifestyle Strategist passionate about teaching women leaders and entrepreneurs how to simplify and structure their life so they can have more, ease, joy, meaning and impact in their life and business. Book a Radiance Call to find out how Debra can help you create a beautiful foundation from which to run your life and business. Say goodbye to the stress, busyness, frustration and constant rushing so you can be at your best. Click here to schedule your free Radiance Call now.