going within

Choose To Go Within

We all love to play on the surface. It’s safe and it’s easy. However, it also means that we’re not diving deep and getting to the heart of what’s going on. When we play on the surface, we’re not feeling our feelings, addressing our emotions, our behaviours or our thoughts. We’re not aware or intentionally focussed on how we’re showing up or who we’re being in the moment. Essentially we’re turning a blind eye to what’s going on inside. Going within is imperative if you want a different result in your life.

As humans, we love to fixate on material things and on what other people are saying and doing.

We compare ourselves and we judge but what if we took 100% responsibility for where we are now?

What if we stopped looking outwards and started diving deep and focusing inwards?

What if we took 100% responsibility and made a commitment to show up differently?

How are you showing up in your life?

What role are you playing?

If you want a different outcome, you must start going within. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. Stop paying attention to what other people are doing or what they aren’t doing. Instead, go within, connect with your inner knowing, focus on you, and what you want to create in your life.

This message is simple yet it’s by no means an easy process. What I know to be true is that when you show up for this work and focus on your personal growth and take responsibility for where you are that’s when the big shifts and changes start to occur.

I hope these Inspired Words support you as you move through the week.

Debra Shepherd is a Business Mentor, Lifestyle Strategist, Educator and Podcaster in Sydney. Here to help you create more ease, joy and meaning in your life and business. Learn more about Debra here.