letting go

Letting Go Of How You Think It Should Be

I’m business focused.

I have goals, a vision, and I love planning and boy do I love a to-do list.

These are all important, and so are the actions required to achieve these goals. However, from my experience, it’s so easy to fill every moment obsessing and doing things because you are attached to a particular outcome rather than letting go, detaching yourself from the outcome and watching life unfold in the way it’s meant to for you.

Creating space

When you’re attached to an outcome, you can lose sight of everything else around you and close yourself to opportunities that arise in the moment because you’re so focused on the future and the specific outcome you want to achieve.

Living this way can be restrictive because you’re not open to the flow of ideas, situations, people, circumstances or outcomes that could have the potential to change your life in a positive and much more profound way.

When you fill every moment of your day, week and month, there’s no room for magic.

There’s no space for it to flow into your life.

By letting go, you can create room for magic

It’s essential to have goals, plans and a vision for your life and to take the necessary action so you can achieve what you want. However, I invite you to let go of the continual striving, pushing, over scheduling and doing.

Take a step back, be in the moment and leave room for a little magic.

Let life unfold in the way it’s meant to, for you, rather than the way you think it should.

I’ve found letting go of attachment to an outcome to be one of the most challenging things to do.

It’s necessary.

It’s powerful.

It’s a daily practice, a dance where you’ll find yourself going two steps forward, and one step back.

I believe it’s one of the most important things you can work on within yourself because it’s in the letting go where the magic happens.

It’s in the space that you’ll discover alternatives, opportunities, ideas, clarity and unexpected ways that are meant to be.

You may find a new outcome that exceeds what you thought possible for yourself.

And, that’s only the beginning.

Letting go can bring more ease, joy and meaning in your life.

Watch your day unfold in expected and unexpected ways.

Take time to reflect.

There are opportunities in every moment.

Create space for magic in your life and enjoy each moment as you begin letting go of how you think things should be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Debra Shepherd is a Business Mentor, Lifestyle Strategist, Educator and Podcaster in Sydney. Here to help you create more ease, joy and meaning in your life and business. Learn more about Debra here.