Creating Healthy Habits For A Morning Routine With Mindi Huebner

Mindi Huebner is a certified NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life, Health and Success Coach. Mindi has been an entrepreneur for over 24 years and she coaches women who want MORE to Unlock their Magic and create massive change.

Equipping women to show up for themselves – body, mind and soul through brain-based coaching is what lights Mindi up. Mindi is an author, speaker, coach, mentor and difference-maker and when she’s not listening to a podcast or out for a run, you’ll find Mindi meditating and dreaming of the beach.

In today’s episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, Mindi and I talk about creating healthy habits for a morning routine.

Mindi Huebner

Episode Highlights

  • [07:25] What a morning routine is and why it’s not a list of things to do.
  • [12:48] Why mastering your outcome is a gift to yourself and the importance of knowing your why behind being mind, body and soul fit.
  • [18:19] How our brains like automation and the known.
  • [20:36] Having a routine that is healthy and serves you will keep you grounded and out of overwhelm.
  • [21:57] How many of us are living backwards.
  • [27:12] The power of creating healthy macro and micro habits for a morning routine.
  • [30:25] Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work.
  • [38:36] Simple tips for getting started and building your morning routine.
  • [44:44] Creating structure and reverse engineering your morning routine for success.

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