One Simple Exercise I Practice To Bring More Calm To My Day

We’re well into 2020 and with the holidays over, it’s business as usual. I’ve noticed myself a couple of times this week getting caught up in the busyness, chaos and the fast-paced energy of city living. In case you’re feeling the same way I wanted to share with you one simple exercise I practice to bring more calm to my day.

It’s deep breathing. Doing this regularly during the day gives my mind and body space, it allows me to slow down and I feel more relaxed and calm. It’s a simple exercise I do any time, anywhere and it can take as little as 30-seconds which means I can do it several times a day and it won’t impact my schedule.

It’s as simple as being in a quiet space, closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing. Giving myself this time to reconnect supports me in slowing down, taking a step back and getting back into my body. I’ve practised this in the office, at home, outside in nature, at the gym, on a plane, at a shopping centre, at the movies, you can do it anywhere.

This is just one of the many things I choose to do proactively to support my wellbeing to help relieve stress, to ground my energy and to bring more calm and ease into my day.

How do you bring more calm to your day?