Over-scheduling Is Causing You Added Stress

Let’s talk about over-scheduling your day and how it’s causing you added stress  

I’ve been there before. I’ve piled everything into my day and I’m talking business and personally as well. I’ve found myself rushing through the day in an attempt to try and do it all and get it all done. When you’re in this space you can often be doing things, you think you should be doing and things that other people expect you to do. You can be living reactively according to other people’s schedules and this can cause you added stress especially if you’re doing it day after day and not factoring in time and space for you.  

I’d love to share with you a couple of things I do to support myself so I don’t over-schedule my day.  

Get clear on your priorities

The first thing is to get clear on your priorities. What are your values? What are your key priorities? What is the vision you have for your life and business?  

It’s important to get clear on your key priorities because this will help drive your decisions. It will help you get clear on what to say yes to and what to say no to. Saying no is critical. I invite you to listen to episode 24 of The Debra Shepherd Podcast with Amanda Rose. One of the key messages Amanda shared was that in business you must say no just as much as you say yes and I agree. It’s not an easy thing to do yet it’s necessary.  

Knowing your values, your key priorities and exactly where you’re heading will make it easier for you to make decisions. They will guide you so you know what you will say yes to and what you’ll say no to. They will help you in prioritising and organising your day in a more supportive way.  

Schedule Extra Time  

A simple thing I do is to schedule extra time for what I’m putting in my diary. For example, if I have a 30-minute meeting, I schedule 35 to 40-minutes. If I have a 45-minute task, I schedule 50-minutes.  

This works and I invite you to do the same and for the extra 5 to 10-minutes stop. Don’t fill the space with more busyness, more running around or spending extra time on what you were working on. Take the time to step away from your desk, step away from the phone, from whatever you were doing and take the time and space for you. This will support you during the day and it will help to reduce daily stress as well.  

Schedule Time for Yourself First  

When you’re scheduling your day schedule time for yourself and put it in your diary first. Put in your trip to the gym, your afternoon yoga class or your 60-minute walk. Factor in your morning routine. Factor in space for you first and then add in your family, business and personal commitments. 

You can still live a full life and grow your business yet you can do it in a way that supports you. In a way where you’re not over-scheduling and over-committing yourself. By creating this time and space for you, you’ll find that you’re more productive, you’ll get more done and it will have a positive impact on your life and business.  

Do you over-schedule your day? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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