How To Build Your Resilience With Peta Sigley

As Chief Knowledge Officer at Springfox, Peta Sigley ensures Springfox Solutions deliver participants relevant, evidence-based information, facts and insights in a way that is practical, enjoyable and effective. Peta is passionate about incorporating the latest research into a continually renewed and refreshed blended learning offering.

Working in large corporations and philanthropic organisations from early in her career saw Peta develop an extensive grounding in business management with a focus on human resources. At Springfox, Peta draws on her first-hand experience and understanding of the pressures commonly faced by individuals, teams and organisations in the banking and finance, transport, education and not-for-profit sectors. Peta’s professional, educational and personal background enables her clients to feel fully engaged and supported.

Over the last decade Peta has put her own resilience to the test supporting her chronically ill partner whilst maintaining her career and family cohesion. Undoubtedly, Peta is a strong role model for her children and those who have witnessed this journey of positivity, courage and optimism.

Peta demonstrates her mastery of the topic of resilience as a speaker, facilitator and coach. Peta’s facilitation style is open, authentic and empathy-based, with a key focus on client-driven solution development and provision for individual and team discussion and interaction.

Driven to make a difference, Peta embraces the opportunity Springfox gives her to connect with individuals and teams and foster positive change.

Peta is also the host of Resilience Real-Time with Peta Sigley.

Peta’s academic credentials include Bachelor of Economics, University of New England, Master of Economic Studies, University of Queensland, Counsellor accreditation, ABA, and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Monash University. Peta is currently completing her PhD in psychology at Melbourne University.

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, I talk to Peta about resilience.

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How To Build Your Resilience With Peta Sigley

You’ll Learn

  • Why we must focus on bouncing forward not just on bouncing back.
  • The significant impact Covid-19 has had on mindset, connection, stress and resilience. Peta dives into the research.
  • How going through adversity and challenging times presents you with an opportunity to develop resilience.
  • The relationship between gender and resilience.
  • Practical tips and strategies to help you build your resilience.
  • The difference between organisations that focus on developing resilient teams and those that don’t.
  • The importance of self-care in relation to resilience, mindset and leadership.

All this and more.

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