Self-care for busy female entrepreneurs

Self-Care For Busy Entrepreneurs

Self-care for busy female entrepreneurs is essential. It’s not a nice thing to do if you have time. Self-care is critical for you to be at your best. 

As an entrepreneur and with a long career in the media, corporate communications, PR and social media, I understand and have experienced high levels of stress, exhaustion and burnout which is common among driven, passionate, heart-centred female entrepreneurs. There have been times where I have put myself at the bottom of my to-do list so that I could get more done.  

Business can be all-consuming if you allow it to be. You can love your business, have success and be passionate about what you do and end up overworking, overcommitted, stressed, exhausted and burnt out.   

One thing I know from personal experience is that when you are hustling and pushing through day after day, you are not at your best for yourself or others. It can cause a ripple effect across all areas of your life and living this way is not sustainable.  

A daily self-care practice is essential for everyone. Self-care is not self-indulgent, nor is it selfish. Self-care is critical for you to be at your best for yourself, your clients, your family and your team. 

I’m passionate about debunking some of the myths around self-care because this is important. You may be going to the gym, or having a massage once a month or going on a weekend away but is that self-care?  

I’ve put together this game-changing 10-minute audio masterclass that will share with you the biggest self-care myth as well as simple actions that will help you reduce stress and give you back more time. If you’re continually rushing through your day and you are struggling to find time for yourself, this audio masterclass is for you. You can download it on to your phone and listen to it anytime, anywhere that is convenient for you.  

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Debra Shepherd is a Mentor and Lifestyle Strategist passionate about teaching women leaders and entrepreneurs how to simplify and structure their life so they can have more, ease, joy, meaning and impact in their life and business. Book a Radiance Call to find out how Debra can help you create a beautiful foundation from which to run your life and business. Say goodbye to the stress, busyness, frustration and constant rushing so you can be at your best. Click here to schedule your free Radiance Call now.