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10 Reasons To Stop Rushing And To Start Slowing Down

If you’d like to be more productive and make better decisions, slowing down is critical. I recently read an article by McKinsey & Company called, “Slowing down to speed up”, and how top teams can achieve their objectives faster if they focus on slowing down. It read that when teams slow down, they “eventually go deeper and faster into achieving objectives. They deal more effectively with increased complexity and challenges – and they use less energy.”

Slowing down is essential not only in business but in everyday life. I’ve found when life speeds up, things can get more complicated, and life can appear more challenging than it needs to be. The idea is to manage these times in a supportive way. I’d love to share with you, ten reasons why I feel it’s necessary to stop rushing and to start slowing down.

By slowing down you can:

  • Increase happiness
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Improve awareness of your surroundings
  • Have more energy because you’ll be using less
  • Feel more present
  • Feel calmer in your day
  • Make better decisions
  • Connect on a deeper level with yourself and others
  • Gain more focus and clarity
  • Be more productive

Often we are on autopilot during the day and don’t realise when we’re rushing. So, as you move through this week, be mindful of when you start rushing it may be for the whole day, part of the day or a few hours here and there. Be aware of when this is happening for you and then concentrate on taking a step back. The most important thing is to be gentle and kind to yourself and to start small.

I invite you to:

  • Move a little slower
  • Walk slower; you don’t need to rush everywhere
  • Be mindful of your breath and breath deeper
  • Eat more leisurely
  • Talk slower, listen intently and concentrate on the other person you’re speaking too
  • Change the way you exercise for a day; perhaps you could do a gentler workout

The first step is to recognise when you are rushing through your day. Then from there, you can decide to do something different. Start small and see if you can implement something from the list above when you feel like you’re getting swept away by life and starting to move at a fast pace. You’ll be amazed at the impact these simple things can have on your day. By merely walking slower instead of rushing between appointments or clients, you can create a little space for yourself where you can reconnect.

From my experience, I’ve found slowing down to be an essential ingredient for experiencing more ease, joy and meaning in my life.

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Debra Shepherd is a Mentor and Host of The Debra Shepherd Podcast. Debra teaches high achieving women how to get organised, improve productivity, reduce stress and be more intentional about how they live their life, so they can be at their best and thrive. Opportunities are currently available to work with Debra 1:1. To book an Alignment Strategy session, click here or to explore Private Mentoring, click here.