Debra Shepherd Purpose Mentor and Coach in Sydney

When Life Feels Chaotic

When you’re starting and growing a business you wear many hats. You’re a specialist in your field yet you’re also in charge of admin, marketing, sales, customer service and taking the rubbish out. You’re doing it all inside and outside of your business. And, even with a team you still have competing priorities, looming deadlines and meetings and the list goes on. Business never stops. Life can be hectic and it’s the hurried fast-pace and the constant pushing, hustling and doing it all that can take a toll on your health and wellbeing. When your life feels chaotic it can be a challenge to find time for yourself and to manage the demands and the pressure of growing a business. 

Living in a constant state of chaos can negatively impact every area of your life including your health, your business and your closest relationships. 

How can you help others, impact more people and grow your business if you’re stressed, exhausted and burnt out?  

Getting more organised and systematised 

The thought of adding more structure to your day may sound tedious, time-consuming and something you don’t have the time or energy for right now. I get it, however, when you’re more organised and systematised your life and business will be easier.

How long can you continue to live in this way?

What will it cost you to live in chaos day in and day out?

You have a choice. 

You can choose the old way and continue going around in circles, constantly rushing, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious or you can choose to create a life and business that supports and honours you.

I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs move from chaos and working so hard to a place where life is more organised and systematised but it’s not in the way you might expect. I have a powerful formula that is the most effective way to create a solid foundation from which to create your business and your life. It will help you attract new clients, increase sales, build engaged communities, have deeper relationships with your audience, without burning out.

This formula has changed my life, it’s helped my clients and it can help you too.  

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