Moving Well, Eating Well and Thinking Well with Krystle Alves

Krystle Alves is a Yoga Therapist, Nutritionist and Naturopath. Krystle is the founder of Yoga In Motion in Sydney and has taught tens of thousands of yoga classes to people struggling with all sorts of health issues and imbalance. Krystle’s primary focus is the application of yoga tools for bringing about more balance to body and mind. Krystle appreciates that no two bodies are the same and she supports clients with a range of pain points such as back pain, arthritis, anxiety, panic attacks and so much more.

One of Krystle’s biggest passions is teaching her students how to adapt the tools of yoga to meet them where they are right now. Customising each session, and moving beyond the physical postures to include yoga philosophy, breathing and diet wherever it’s needed.

In today’s episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, I talk to Krystle Alves about moving well, eating well and thinking well.

Krystal Alves

Episode Highlights

  • [01:50] Krystle’s healing journey and how yoga transformed her life.
  • [05:40] Yoga is so much more than stretching and the physical postures. Krystle defines yoga and talks about its benefits.
  • [08:00] The parasympathetic nervous system and how yoga can improve your concentration, memory and creativity.
  • [10:55] The relationship between a fast-paced hurried lifestyle, stress and sleep.
  • [12:35] Setting healthy priorities around social media and the use of technology.
  • [19:10] How the small decisions we make every day can make the biggest difference to our wellbeing in the long-term.
  • [22:50] How COVID-19 presented Krystle with the opportunity to further deepen her work and how she educates, teaches and works with her clients.
  • [30:20] Krystle believes everybody can do yoga and shares her tips on where to start if you’re new.
  • [38:26] Mindfulness and the mind-body connection.

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