JOIN US! Radiant, Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs Community

Are you a purpose-driven female entrepreneur?

The Radiant, Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs Community is for heart-centred women in business who want to experience more ease, joy and meaning in life. This is a beautiful, positive and supportive community to connect, share ideas, learn and contribute.

What is inside

Debra Shepherd

Regular Live Teachings

Join us live for Coffee, Connections and Conversations. This is our opportunity to share a virtual coffee, catch up and to connect on a particular topic.

Free Guided Meditation

Get my Guided Meditation For Clarity and Calm to support you in slowing down and creating space so you can experience more stillness, focus and productivity throughout your day.

Supportive Community

Be part of an inspiring community where you get to connect with, inspire, support and build relationships with other radiant, purpose-driven women in business.