The 3-step process to uncover more meaning in your life

Learn the most effective way to reconnect to your purpose so you can step into powerful harmony and be the joyful, fulfilled, radiant leader you are here to be.


For women in business who are ready for more ease, joy, meaning, fulfilment, impact and success!

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In this free masterclass, you will learn…


How to ACHIEVE MORE of what you want by doing less!


How to reach more people, connect on a deeper level and create more impact and success WITHOUT BURNING OUT!


How to create MORE time and energy for you.


Why reconnecting to your purpose is ESSENTIAL if you want to feel happier, more fulfilled and live a meaningful life.

This is masterclass is a must attend if…



You are stressed, exhausted and heading towards burnout. You have no time or energy to spare. You want a simple, clear path forward.


You are hustling every day and constantly pushing forward towards your goals. You are overworking and struggle to find time for yourself. You have created success but you know living this way is not sustainable there has to be another way.


You have been living on autopilot, feeling disconnected to your work for a long time and you are ready to create change, to be inspired and to have more meaning in your life. Something is missing but you're not sure what that is.

A message from Debra…



From leaving the 9-5 to start my own business in social media to now helping women create more ease, joy, meaning, fulfilment, impact and success in their life and business. I am creating and living a purpose-driven, meaningful life.


My approach is strategic and intuitive combining, my knowledge and expertise as an Entrepreneur for the past ten years, a Communications Specialist of more than 20 years (with a Master’s Degree in Communication Management), studies in Reiki and my signature framework to create powerful transformation.


I invite you to join me for this 30-minute value packed masterclass. Click the gold button below and choose the day and time that best suits you.


You deserve more ease, joy, meaning, fulfilment, impact and success in your life.


See you there!

Debra Shepherd Mentor for Women In Business

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