If you are a high achieving woman entrepreneur or business owner who would like to have more time, enjoy life more, make an impact, feel fulfilled and connected to your purpose, you are in the right place.


It is easy to get caught up in the hustle, constantly pushing forward, saying yes to everything, filling every moment of the day and chasing success. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. Life can feel scattered when you have so much to do. It can be challenging to stop when you are so busy inside and outside of your business. Living a hectic, fast-paced, hurried lifestyle disconnects you from your purpose. It creates stress, struggle, suffering and is the fast track to burnout. Living this way is not sustainable.


What would your life be like if you could create success and make an impact while doing less, having more time and energy for yourself, enjoying life and moving through your day feeling inspired, fulfilled and connected to your purpose?


As a Sydney-based Life and Business Success Mentor for women in business, my approach is based on my signature framework, The Simplicity Impact Formula and its three core pillars freedom, focus and fulfilment. This transformational process is the most effective way to reconnect to your purpose so you can experience more ease, joy and meaning in your life and step into being the joyful, fulfilled, radiant, purpose-driven leader you are here to be.


Life and Business Success Mentoring

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Hi, I’m Debra. Life and Business Success Mentor, Podcaster and Meaningful Living Explorer in Sydney.

I help high achieving women entrepreneurs and business owners reconnect to their purpose by creating simplicity so they can experience more ease, joy and meaning in life.


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The Debra Shepherd Podcast - Meaningful Living

The Debra Shepherd Podcast

The Debra Shepherd Podcast is for high achieving women in business who want to create and live a more meaningful life. Join me for quick conversations and in-depth interviews with successful female entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, visionaries and change-makers who share their extraordinary stories filled with passion, purpose, impact and success. Each episode will provide you with tips, strategies, tools and new ideas that will inspire, empower and support you to create more ease, joy and meaning in your life and business.


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