Debra Shepherd

Supporting You


Hi, I’m Debra Shepherd and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a Business Mentor, Lifestyle Strategist, Educator in Sydney and I host The Debra Shepherd Podcast. I’m here to help you create more ease, joy, meaning and success in your life and business with The Simplicity Impact Formula.


As long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about community, storytelling and teaching others. As a Communications Expert, I spent 20 years’ working in the media, communications, public relations and social media and I have a Master’s Degree in Communication Management. I love bringing people together, raising awareness and sharing extraordinary stories that inspire, support, empower and educate others.


In 2011, I started a social media consultancy. As an International Social Media Consultant, Mentor and Trainer I worked with global business leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs across a range of industries from health and wellbeing to robotics, building, hospitality, marketing, coaching and HR. I loved helping people use social media to connect, communicate, engage and build relationships. I had extraordinary clients and I featured in INTHEBLACK, Women Love Tech and 50 Unsung Business Heroes.

Being in business is challenging and you don’t understand it until you’re in it. It can be all-consuming. I’ve seen the high levels of stress, overwhelm and burnout among driven entrepreneurs and business owners. I’ve been there myself. Where life and business are hectic and super busy. You’re overworking, exhausted and rushing from one thing to the next trying to do it all.


When you’re in this space you’re not at your best for yourself or others. And, it can have a ripple effect all across all areas of your life. Pushing through day after day, hustling, saying yes to everything, putting yourself at the bottom of your to-do list and sacrificing your wellbeing isn’t the answer. Living this way isn’t sustainable.


There is another way. You have a choice.


There came a time when I had a deep knowing I was here for more. I knew social media was the start of something much bigger. I’ve been forced to stop a few times in life and with these personal experiences and my business knowledge and expertise I knew I could support others on a deeper level. Helping them move through stressful, chaotic, complex and challenging times in a supportive way with more ease, joy and meaning.

The truth is, you can’t help more people, grow your business or make a bigger impact in your life or to the lives of others if you’re overworking, exhausted, stressed and burnt out!



I’m here to support you in creating more ease, joy and meaning in your life and business. I won’t be giving you the next best sales strategy, marketing or communications plan because you know what you have to do.


What I’ll be teaching you are three core pillars for transforming chaos and busyness to simplicity, ease, joy, meaning and business success. These pillars will help you create a solid foundation from which to run your life and your business.


You’ll have greater clarity, more time for yourself, more energy and a life you love. You’ll be able to connect and communicate with your community and clients on a deeper level. You’ll be able to help more people, create an even bigger impact, make more money and grow your business with less stress and without burnout.


There are endless possibilities. What do you want to create for yourself?