Debra Shepherd | Mentor to Women In Business

Hi, I’m Debra Shepherd


Podcaster, Mentor, Meaningful Living Explorer and Creator of The Simplicity Impact Formula. On a mission to inspire, empower and support women to create more ease, joy and meaning in their lives.  


I am a Communications Specialist with more than 20 years of combined experience in media, communications, PR and social media. I began my entrepreneurial journey over ten years ago as an International Social Media Consultant, Mentor and Trainer, I worked with extraordinary leaders, small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs, helping them connect, communicate, engage and build relationships online using social media.   


There came a time when I had a deep knowing I was here for more and that social media was the start of something bigger. It was time to support women on a deeper level to create powerful change in their lives. 


As the Creator of The Simplicity Impact Formula, I help ambitious women reconnect to their purpose so they can step into powerful harmony and be the joyful, fulfilled, radiant leaders they are here to be.


You deserve to feel happier and fulfilled. It is time to let go of the stress, struggle and suffering and welcome more ease, joy, meaning, fulfilment, impact and success into your life. 


If you would like to find out what it would look like to work together, click the button below to learn more.