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Debra Shepherd is a Mentor for successful, heart centred, high achieving women in business who know they are here for more. Debra guides women back to their inner wisdom so they can have more ease, joy and meaning in their life. Debra is the Host of The Debra Shepherd Podcast. She has been interviewed on the Celebrating Simple Life and Mindfulbiz podcasts and featured in INTHEBlack50 Unsung Business Heroes, HuffPost and Women Love Tech.

When you reconnect to your inner wisdom you can step into powerful harmony.

I left a successful 20+ year career in PR, communications and social media marketing to intentionally co-create my life in a way that allowed me to have more ease, joy, meaning, impact and success.


There came a time when I knew I was here for more. I had a deep desire to contribute in a more significant way. I stepped away from my business (which I loved) and chose to dive in deep. I did some deep healing and transformative inner work. Creating space, opening up, getting curious, asking questions, leaning into discomfort, unravelling old ways of doing things, letting go and designing my life in a more supportive way.


Personal development is a priority for me and even though choosing this path has not been smooth sailing I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s in the challenging, tough times that you get to learn so much about yourself and what is possible.


Today, I am on a path that began over 11 years ago. You see, I was recovering from a severe injury that saw me go back to basics, simplify my life and intentionally design my life in a new way. While I was recovering, a framework began to reveal itself to me. It was a framework based on principals that I had been using most of my life to help others connect, communicate, engage, organise, simplify and create positive change in different areas of life and business.


I have a Masters Degree in Communication Management and studied meditation and different energy healing practices earlier in life and, 11 years ago they came together to form the foundation of a transformative framework that I’ve created and deepened over the last 11 years. It’s a framework that I live today and it’s the signature framework that I’m here to share with others. It has transformed my life and, I know it can support you too.

You can create an impact and have success with less stress, exhaustion and without burnout.

Over the years, I have seen firsthand the high levels of stress, exhaustion and burnout among successful, heart centred, high achieving women in business. I have been there myself and I’m here to tell you that success does not have to come with all the stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout.


I am dedicated to guiding women back to their inner wisdom and into powerful harmony so they can be the joyful, fulfilled, radiant leaders they are here to be.


Meaningful living

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