Debra Shepherd Mentor for Women in Business Be intentional about how you design and live your life so you can be at your best and thrive.

About Debra Shepherd

I’m a Mentor, Entrepreneur and Host of The Debra Shepherd Podcast. I teach high achieving women how to get organised, improve productivity, reduce stress and be more intentional about how they live their life, so they thrive. 


I have 20+ years of experience in the media, PR, communications and social media marketing, including nine years as an entrepreneur. I understand the nature of fast-paced, demanding, high-pressure roles. I also know what it is like to be ambitious, driven, successful and passionate about what you do while at the same time feeling overwhelmed, disorganised and unproductive because life and business are hectic and moving fast.


In 2011, I started a social media consultancy which I built from the ground up. As an International Social Media Consultant, Mentor and Trainer, I helped leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers connect, communicate, build relationships and manage social media. I loved my clients and the work, yet there came a time when I had a deep knowing I was here for more. I wanted to help people on a deeper level and contribute in a more significant way. 


I had seen firsthand (and experienced) the high levels of stress, exhaustion and burnout among high achieving women, leaders, creatives and service professionals.


When you are overworking, living and working at a frantic pace, you are not at your best for yourself or others. 


Living this way is not sustainable. It can impact all areas of your life.


I have spent most of my life helping people organise, simplify and be more productive in various aspects of life and business. Showing people what is possible when they have more ease, joy and meaning in their life is transformative. It is my mission to help you do just that.


I am here to help you create more ease, joy and meaning in your life and business so you can step into being the joyful, fulfilled, radiant leader of your life that you are here to be. 


Meaningful Living

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